Our Club - Club Song

(to the tune of Waltzing Matilda)

Once a solemn fullback
Stood back in his own goal square
Watching the balls as they kept flying through
As he fell to his knees
He cried out in his own despair
“Who’s got the balls to play the Woden Blues?”


We are the Woden Blues
We’re the boys who’ll drink your booze
Who’s got the balls
To play us Woden Blues
Coz we’ll try
Never Say Die
As we drink another schooner dry
We are the boys of the Woden Blues

The rarely heard second and third verses are below…

Up jumped the ruckman
Gave the ball a mighty whack
Down swooped the rover and put it to the shoe
Up leapt the forward and took the mark above the pack
There’s another goal to the Woden Blues


If you want to drink with us
Here’s a tip
Now just beware
Here’s a bunch of boys who can hit the booze

yet a ghost
may be heard
as you walk on by that old goal square
Who’s go the balls to play the Woden Blues?