Carts talks about joining the 200 Club


Ash Carter plays his 200th game for the Woden Blues today (6th August 2017). So i asked the club legend about how it all started and his time at the club. This is what he had to say.


How did you come to play for the Blues all those years ago?

I had played a few seasons for the University of Canberra Wombats and we folded in 2001 as we were struggling financially. Later that year I bumped into Junior Maher at the Royals Rugby Club and he mentioned that he had been playing for the Blues and suggested I come down. I knew Chugger from Marist and played all my junior footy with him, so I thought why not?

Do you remember your first game for the Woden Blues?

My first game for the Blues was against Yass, in Yass. I kicked my first goal and got yelled at by Cookie for trying to take a hanger over Wally Harmer. I learnt that day that if the ball is kicked near Wally, you get out of the way. We had a good win!

What’s the one game that has stuck in your memory for the Blues?

I have a few, but probably the day we beat Belconnen at Jamison in the last round of the year. We had a torrid year and they were second on the ladder and we played out of our skins. It was a true sign of what our club is about and built upon.

Your the 3rd person to play 200 games for the blues, how does makes you feel?

To play 200 games for the Blues makes me very proud. It was a personal goal that I set myself 3 years ago and it has been a tough gig racking up games with short seasons and injuries. This footy club has been amazing to me for 16+ years and to run out with my buddies 200 times, makes me pretty bloody happy.

You’ve played for the Blues for a lot of years. You must have a “best of footy trip” in the years being at the club?

They have all been outstanding and have all blurred into one, but the Melbourne trips were always quality.

cart-gfYou’ve played in every blues Grand Final there has been, what has been your favourite moment?

I have plenty of fond memories from each of the 5 grand finals, but last years gritty win was pretty special. The pressure was on all year and we really solidified ourselves as the best team. The feeling I had when the siren went and I saw all the players and supporters celebrating was the best ever!

After 200 games at the club, do you have any advise for the younger players appraising to make 200?

After 200 games, the only advice that I would give to young players is to fully immerse yourself in the club! Train hard, play hard and party hard. My favourite memories and some of my best mates have been forged over a plethora of beers at the Irish Club. If you go all in, you will get a lot more out of it.